Gombitelli Christmas Basket


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Looking for a thrilling idea for a winning Christmas gift but not too demanding for your pockets? Have you thought of a Christmas basket that contains food that expresses the excellence of our territory?

Today, thanks to the evolution of online e-commerce, you can rely on a service that you think of everything. From the choice of pieces contained in the single Christmas tree, to the type of packaging, up to the payment and delivery.

Triglia Christmas baskets: practical and economic

The handmade cheese shop Triglia di Gombitelli packs for decades rich Christmas baskets that meet all the pockets and has all the needs. Its sausages, its sausages, its creams have long been known throughout the High Tuscany and beyond. It seems that the fragrance of the breeze that winds into these valleys, going to dry the meats during maturing, also goes beyond the regional boundaries. From Turin, Milan, Rome, Bologna to Naples, Bari and Palermo the name of this small Tuscan craftsman resonates on the good tables.

Gombitelli Christmas Basket: so much taste for a small price

On the occasion of the renewal of its online shop, Salumificio Triglia has a practical and economical proposition for those who want to make a gift that you know without having to over-hand the wallet.

The Gombitelli Christmas Basket, with small pieces:

Only 23,76 € will take home a slice of Spread Bacon by 0,35 Kg, a Mortadella of Gombitelli (Salame Nostrale) by 0,35 kg, a jar of Cream of Lard by 0,2 kg and a slice of Pink Lard of Gombitelli (outstretched lard) by 0,5 kg.

The Gombitelli Christmas Basket, with large pieces:

Only 45,80 € will take home a slice of Spread Bacon by 1 Kg, a Mortadella of Gombitelli (Salame Nostrale) by 0,5 kg, a jar of Cream of Lard by 0,2 kg and a slice of Pink Lard of Gombitelli (outstretched lard) by 1 kg.

You do not have to think about anything, just choose and pay!

The basket is decorated with decorations and if you write it in the order notes with a personalized greeting, and covered with transparent paper, to get ready and glittering to your destination by courier.

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Basket with large pieces, Basket with small pieces

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