Pecorino with Pistachio of Bronte


Our Pecorino with Pistachio di Bronte is made in the Maremma Dairy, a historic dairy company located in Follonica, in the heart of the Maremma, which since the mid-1960s has been producing typical cheeses of the Tuscan tradition, renowned all over the world.
Following a production wisdom handed down from generation to generation, this flavored pecorino has over time become a classic, establishing itself as a delicacy of all dairy production.
Produced using exclusively pasteurized sheep’s milk, with the addition of rennet, lactic ferments and Volterra salt (considered the purest in the country, a real excellence of Made in Italy) it is characterized precisely by the addition of green pistachios from Bronte , variety of Sicilian pistachio with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) as well as a Slow Food presidium.
This is a sheep’s cheese that has a white rind studded with pistachios, which contains an equally white (or tending to pale straw yellow) paste, compact and elastic on the palate which in turn is characterized by its intense pistachio aroma.
Pecorino with Pistachio di Bronte is excellent eaten alone, for a quick but gourmet snack. Ideal as an end of a meal but also perfect in the aperitif buffet. It can be accompanied by a glass of structured red wine or even better by a cold beer.

Salt from Volterra and Pistachio from Bronte: two exceptional ingredients

These two ingredients characterize this flavored sheep cheese and make it unique in the varied production of pecorino that our centuries-old dairy tradition can boast.
The Salt of Volterra, known and appreciated since the time of the Etruscans, is today characterized by being a recrystallized mineral salt. To obtain it, that is, the underground deposits are flooded with fresh water which dissolves the salt making it a saline solution at 33%. This is then subjected to an 80 ° purification procedure which ensures the elimination of all contaminating impurities. At this point it is sent to very high crystallizers (over 40 meters) where it is brought to a temperature of 130 ° which evaporates the water leaving only a very pure salt.
The Bronte green pistachios are a PDO grown exclusively in the Sicilian territory of Bronte, Adrano, Biancavilla. They are obtained from plants of the Pistacia Vera species, which in Sicilian dialect are also known as scornabecco, a term deriving from the Spanish word cornicabra which means “goat horn”. To obtain these fruits with a typical intense green color and a strong and immediately recognizable aromatic flavor, every eight female pistachio plants must plant a male plant which must be placed upward so that the wind can carry the pollen from the male flowers to the pistils of the female flowers.




MILK Pasteurized sheep, salt of Volterra, PISTACHIOS of Bronte 0.25%, rennet, ferments.

Inedible crust.

Conserve from+2° a +10° C.

Produced and packaged in the establishment IT 09 038 CE.

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