Tasting Box “Traditional Tuscan Appetizer”


All the beauty of Italy is found in its gastronomic preparations. The art of butchery has been taught all over the world by Italian masters. Even today this school allows to produce quality products with a unique and unmistakable flavor. If cows need pasture, pigs love the mountains. For this reason, the mountain areas in Italy and Tuscany have always given way to pig breeding. Like in Gombitelli, a small town behind the long beaches of Versilia. In Gombitelli the Triglia salami factory carries on the family tradition. Their special recipes are contained in this “box of wonders” that will take you on a “journey of taste”, into Italian history and culture. To get you started on this experience, you will need our box and at least one bottle of Tuscan wine. Let’s start this path gently. The Sweet Boneless Prosciutto is part of the Italian tradition that with its manual skill makes the preparation of the ham unique. Added to this is the curing place which for the ham is like a fingerprint. In these woods between the majestic Apuan Alps and the sea, the seasoning enriches our ham with typical unmistakable aromas and flavors. We continue with the delicate Pink Lard of Gombitelli, a soft and sweet preparation suitable for hot croutons in the company of a good wine that prepares the mouth for a second sumptuous bite … One of the bastions of the art of butchery is salami. Our salamis are many and all special. Here we offer a taste of the purest Tuscan tradition. Tuscan salami, wild boar salami. Two typical specialties known all over the world. To the salami family we add two of our specialties, difficult to find elsewhere! The local salami that is the ** Mortadella di Gombitelli ** salami with a fine grain and the salami meat of ham less “strong” in spiciness and sweeter and also suitable for the most delicate palates. After “chasing pigs and wild boars in the woods”, imagine sitting in front of a Tuscan farmhouse with a view of Renaissance Florence in front of you. On the table, next to a glass of Chianti, a wooden cutting board with a fragrant “Sbriciolona”. A truly ancient typical Tuscan salami, scented with fennel (finocchiona), soft and not compact when cut (sbriciolona) that will take you into history with a capital S. And when it gets dark, you move in front of the fire that crackles in the fireplace and the sausages appear. Our tasty local sausages are suitable for any use. Excellent on hot toasted bread, roasted on the fire, ideal for a filling or a sauce for pasta. If the bread is toasted bread, a taste of lard cream cannot be missed. fragrant and soft to spread, this preparation is a “savor appetizer” par excellence when you have unexpected guests at the table! If you also put the paired pancetta in the pantry, you will always have what you need to prepare something really good and unique to put on your plate. So sit back and savor each bite, calmly. Have a good trip!


Tasting Box “Traditional Tuscan Appetizer” for six people:

  1. Mortadella of Gombitelli (Salame Nostrale) 0,25 kg
  2. Sausage 0,4 kg
  3. Sbriciolona (Crumbling cured meat) 0,25 kg
  4. Pink Lard of Gombitelli (outstretched lard) 0,25 kg
  5. Cream of Lard 0,2 kg
  6. Sweet Boneless Prosciutto 0,7 kg
  7. Prosciutto Meat Salami 0,25 kg
  8. Tuscan Salami 0,25 kg
  9. Wild Boar Salami 0,25 kg
  10. Coupled Bacon 0,25 kg

Tasting Box “Traditional Tuscan Appetizer” for twelve people:

  1. Mortadella of Gombitelli (Salame Nostrale) 0,5 kg
  2. Sausage 1 kg
  3. Sbriciolona (Crumbling cured meat) 0,5 kg
  4. Pink Lard of Gombitelli (outstretched lard) 0,5 kg
  5. Cream of Lard 0,2 kg
  6. Sweet Boneless Prosciutto 1,2 kg
  7. Prosciutto Meat Salami 0,5 kg
  8. Tuscan Salami 0,5 kg
  9. Wild Boar Salami 0,5 kg
  10. Coupled Bacon 0,5 kg
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for six people, for twelve people

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